Double Exposure - Filming Wrapped!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of making the filming of Double Exposure possible! I am very grateful for your support and contributions over the past few months.
We wrapped our official film week in November, with a successful four day shoot in Brooklyn and NYC.  It was an honor to direct this all star cast and work with this incredible team of creatives and fantastic crew.  
I look forward to sharing more news as we move forward into editing and the future of the film (we still need help reaching our goals for POST PRODUCTION, if you are interested in contributing, please contact  Take a look below for more info on the official cast/crew and a few behind the scenes shots.  


Director/Co-Creator Double Exposure 

Info on the cast and crew:
Double Exposure

Cast: Krysta Rodriguez, Laurie Veldheer, Robin De Jesus, Paul A Shaefer, Katie Mariko Murray, Amber Owens, Tamika Lawrence, Sam Strasfeld, Liz Larsen, Charl Brown, Van Hughes, Nicholas Rodriguez, Austin Miller, Caleb Marshall, Brayden Newby, Michael Gorman, Eileen Casey

Director: Daryl Getman

Choreographer: Al Blackstone

Composer: Alex Lacamoire

DP: Matthew Simpkins

AD: Greg Roderick

Producer: Lisa Donmall-Reeve

Assoc. Producer: Vibecke Dahle
Written by: Daryl Getman + Austin Miller
Art Design: Phoenixx Flix

Costume Design: Eva Maciek

Sound: Brian Cushin

Casting: Anthony C Daniel

Photographer: Vibecke Dahle

MUP: Ellen Z Wright

Social Media: Jessica Freitas

Crew: Jamal Solomon, Olivia Booker, Shoshanna Withers, Aleksander Varadian, Chase Knueven, Joe Hanson, Erin Thompson, Mary Chambers

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